Vundabar’s new music video truly speaks to me for obvious reasons which you will see if you watch.

babyparasite ha chiesto: pssh. He broke a promise to answer the questions its a total disgrace most of his fans are feminists and he like just doesn't cater to them at all. Not even about catering more about being a good person. Like he's losing a good 90% of his fan base by not even keeping promises with fans and saying disgusting things. I never defended him but I took it as a grain of salt because everyone is problematic. Now I know he is unapologetic along with the bass player dude i'm glad he didnt keep his promise


yeah ur soooo right like he has to be aware that a huge part of his following is young women/feminists so you think he would be sensitive to that but after him basically be like fuck you I’ll do whatever I want after getting called out it just sealed the deal like okay u r scum